Dolphin Watching with KDD

Here in our stretch of the Kalpitiya coast we are blessed with an abundant dolphin population fairly close to shore. While the most common dolphin we tend to spot is the Spinner Dolphin the seas around Sri Lanka are home to Spotted, Striped, Long Snouted Spinner, Common, Fraser’s Risso’s, Bottlenose, Rough toothed, Indo-Pacific Humpback, and Pan-tropical spotted dolphin.

On our Dolphin watching boats rides we can pretty much guarantee you will see pods of hundreds if not thousands of dolphins. Our boat crew is highly experienced and knows exactly what to look out for and where to steer the boat so that you suddenly find yourself surrounded by these beautiful, acrobatic and lively creatures.

Dolphin watching is a photographer’s dream, but it can also be frustrating because at times you won’t know where to focus — so just keep clicking! You’ll no doubt get a prize shot.

Our highest priority is guest safety and marine conservation. We keep a safe distance from the dolphins and never cut through the pod. What we find is the dolphins come right to us when we don’t disturb them. We are also respectful of the tuna fishermen who have been fishing alongside dolphins for as long as we know. We do not do multiple hires, the boat is yours for the morning so if you’re still clicking those cameras were still out there.

As Sri Lanka becomes more and more acclaimed as a prime dolphin watching venue, make sure you get on the action with KDD.







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