Meet the Crew

Keira is our Resident Manager and PADI certified Divemaster. His passion for adventure and nature thrive here at KDD. He is always excited to see people head out on an ocean adventure and ensures that they have a safe and fun experience, while having learned something about nature.

He is USA certified in Wilderness First Aid, Red Cross CPR and PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider. Keira studied environmental science in the United States and is an advocate for education and environmental protection. He has many years of experience in mountaineering across the USA and is into adventure sports like paragliding, snowboarding and much more. Come up to KDD and adventure with him and the crew!


steve-rafaelaSteve and Rafaela
Our PADI Dive Instructors:

“The ocean has always been part of my life. Since I was a kid my favorite days were in the beach, catching small fishes with my grandfather and brother, diving and surfing the waves in different ways. Never left that passion behind. Studied “Nature Sports and Active Tourism” with specialty in Aquatic Sports and that’s when things started to come along and I met Rafaela. The sun and the sea motivate Rafaela and together we continue to pursue our career in watersports”.

“Since 2013 we have been working hard to become Dive Instructors and Skippers. That dream was achieved between Portugal and the Dominican Republic in 2014. After much hard work our reward was receiving the PADI Elite Dive Instructor badge in 2015. We continue to pursue to learn more, and that’s when we became Kite Surf Instructors and also continued as Stand Up Paddle Instructors. Basically we are interested in all things connected with nature and fighting our fears! We feel complete, passionate and peaceful”.


Nishantha is a licensed an excellent Boatman. He comes from a family of fishermen right in our Talawila neighborhood. As a former linesman on a fishing boat he is amazing at multitasking. His experience in these waters makes him a sonar machine for finding dolphins, whales, fish, and even dive spots. His boat handling is safe and strong and he always gives marine life and fishermen the space they demand out at sea. A super friendly guy, our visitors always enjoy their time with him.





Ruwan is one of our boatmen. He has experience working on many different fishing boats in our area. He is really interested in marine life and learning how to dive. Ruwan is an all round friendly and cheerful guy, he is also a great cook and a good person to have on the team when we catch a fresh fish!




Nishanka is one of our assistant boatmen. He has good boat handling skills and is quickly learning the ropes of diving. He is the joker of the team and has a very positive attitude. He also plays cricket at local tournaments and his team is quite successful.

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