All tours are conducted by an experienced and trained boatman and a qualified guide such as a Divemaster or Dive Instructor. Guest safety and the protection of the marine environment are our primary concerns. We use quality and well maintained gear. Our guides love seeing people have fun in the water and learn about the ocean, be sure to ask them for tips on snorkeling and free diving ;).

Thalawila (St. Anne’s Reef)

A beautiful reef of varying depths (2-6m) this is a great place to spend the day. The historical St Anne’s church, Thalawila fishing village and long sandy beaches create a beautiful backdrop when your head is out of the water. When the season is on the water is crystal clear and there is a wide variety of corals, reef fish and rays.

Thalawila reef is located just a stones throw away form our adventure center (About 10 min ride). We generally spend 1-2 hours casually cruising about from spot to spot. This is a really fun spot to free dive alongside the larger rock and coral formations.

Bar Reef

 The Bar Reef is a beautiful, special and fragile place. Being the biggest and most pristine coral reef in Sri Lanka it is definitely worth the trip. In 1992 a 307.6 square km area was declared a marine sanctuary. There are around 156 corals and 280 fish species that can be observed there. While diving Bar Reef is possible its really best enjoyed as a snorkeling paradise. But remember this area is fragile so weather you head out with us or another operator please remember to be responsible and watch your fins!

When we head up to the Bar Reef we like to spend the morning there 2-3 hours. The long trip and spectacular coral grown make it a well worthy day trip. We load the boat with gear, snacks and drinks and head off on the mini expedition. Sometimes we are lucky and see dolphins or whales on the way, or bring home a nice fish to grill on the beach.

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