Whale Watching with KDD

Kalpitiya is an excellent location to spot Blue and Sperm Whales. The best time to see whales off Kalpitiya is between November and April when the seas are calm and it is easier to spot the blows.

While these two species are found in the waters around Kalpitiya in large numbers, other whales include the Bryde’s, Killer, False Killer, Pygmy Killer, Dwarf, Melon Headed, Cuvier’s Beaked, Minke, Humpback and the Indian Blue whale.

To spot whales we head a few kilometers out to sea and cruise along the continental shelf. But at certain times of the year whales can be seen very close to shore! Our boatmen are very experienced at spotting whales and always ensure the highest level of safety for our guests and these majestic marine mammals.

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